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Welcome to the Snake Pit. Bask in Sunlight. Seek Shade

May 9, 2007

Blue Snake Books was founded in January 2006 as a dedicated martial arts imprint of North Atlantic Books. North Atlantic Books is an established alternative health and wellness publisher located in Berkeley, California, that has been publishing martial arts titles for over 25 years. Since its inception, Blue Snake Books has been devoted to publishing martial arts titles of all genres, from biographies to instructional manuals, from health titles to detailed historical accounts. Blue Snake Books is a leading publisher of books on capoeira, karate, muay thai, tai chi, and jiu jitsu, as well as many other internal and external martial arts. The authors of Blue Snake Books titles are experts in their field, internationally renowned for their teaching and training techniques.


In this blog, readers will hear the ultimate insider perspective from the editors of the latest martial arts titles, the publicist promoting them, and the authors themselves, giving readers the first look into the ground-breaking world of Blue Snake Books. Included will be information on forthcoming titles, articles on our books, information on author events, and even teaching instruction directly from the authors.

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