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Mahalo Piha From Blue Snake Author Kaleo Ching

June 12, 2007

We welcome essays and letters from our authors here on the Blue Snake blog.

We also post special features for authors who send us photos. One of these spotlights will be a photo series of students and their masks, from Kaleo and Elise’s group workshops. A new photo will appear every Tuesday and Thursday, for the next few weeks.


Maskmaking Student as a whale

Elise Dirlam Ching and Kaleo Ching are the authors of Faces of Your Soul: Rituals in Art, Maskmaking, and Guided Imagery with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Totem Animals, and Chi and Creativity, Vital Energy and Your Inner Artist.

A message from Kaleo —

Mahalo piha (Thank you) for visiting us here at Blue Snake Books.

Gratitude to the ‘ohana (family) at North Atlantic Books, especially Richard and Lindy, Mark, Saudha, Terri, Allegra, Sarah, Allison, and of course our wonderful editors, Hisae and Anastasia, for their support and love. It’s because of their vision and their caring that many authors can extend and share their sacred work in the world.

What is Elise’s and my sacred work? Here is an example of what we love to do:

Woman Warrior/Healer is an intimate group maskmaking workshop for women only, inspired by one of my clients, who is suffering trauma from violations of trust and sexual abuse. Right now, a big part of her healing is to be supported by women mentors.

I’m honored to be teaching this workshop, to be sharing in the wisdom, kindness, and understanding of this group of women. Here are some examples of the women who participate in these kinds of workshops. Their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Mary is a devoted mother, wife, and grandmother with 3 grown kids and 2 grandchildren. She adores dogs, nature, Hawaiian lomi massage and hula, and is an avid bike rider. A high school teacher for many years, she is now a massage and acupressure therapist.

Jill has been teaching acupressure classes the past 25 years at the Acupressure Institute. Her nurturing wisdom of the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies is deep and profound.

Marlene, an athlete, has recently climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro and also a mountain in Peru, where she met and spent some time with a shaman. She is a personal trainer, does acupressure and massage, and comes from a deep, abundant, and spiritual core.

Aileen, a devoted mother of two young adults, is committed to the shaman’s path and sharing her healing wisdom with others.

Andi directs music videos and TV commercials. She’s a writer and an amazing singer and is on the path of empowering herself as a healer. She wants to use her voice and/or media to teach and “empower women.”

Natalie, a psychotherapist and single mom, is an artist who combines movement, creativity, and expressive art in a process for healing body, mind, and spirit.

These women respect and access the dimensions of Mystery and Spirit very naturally, with curiosity, courage, and adventure. They already know the way into the portal (a sacred space). We will travel together through the portal into the inner terrain to consult with the warrior/healer residing there.

Aloha pumehana,

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