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Tae Kwon Do Times features Self-Defense for a Peaceable People

June 14, 2007

Tae Kwon Do Times Current Issue July 2007Tae Kwon Do Times current issue, July 2007, will feature an excerpt from Self-Defense for Peaceable People by Blue Snake author John Townsend.

Tae Kwon Do Times magazine was founded in 1980. It features inspirational and instructive articles on health and fitness, pop culture icons, martial arts legends, and in depth explorations of a wide variety of martial arts schools and techniques for martial arts practitioners of all levels, from white belt to Grandmaster.

Self-Defense for Peaceable People is an accessible, authoritative introduction to the art of unarmed self-defense for all ages, sizes, and genders. The techniques described and illustrated in the book are simple, and easy for anyone to master.

Founder of the Tao-Zen Ryu Shindo system of Taoist-oriented martial arts, Master John Townsend is one of eight senior instructors appointed as direct successors to the legendary martial arts Grandmaster, Hak Tok Yun (10th Dan).

The excerpt is not available on-line, so we encourage you to buy the magazine, or read the book.

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