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Nestor Capoeira 2007 Workshop World Tour

July 2, 2007

Nestor Capoeirs

If you are located in Europe, Japan (or near Japan), and would like a workshop with mestre Nestor, please see the available dates for Europe and Japan below. Nestor has already been to the US and Canada this year. But he may accept additional US or Canadian invitations. If you are located in the US or Canada, please contact mestre Nestor via email.

Openings in Japan (and nearby countries):

September 19-22
September 26-29
October 3-6

Openings in Europe:

October 10-13
October 17-20
October 24-27


The basic workshop format is as follows. It can be changed according to your needs.

The workshops are generally held Thurs-Sun:

Thurs: 2 hour workout (and roda), 2 hour lecture: Malícia, capoeira philosophy and inner life
Fri: 2 hour workout (and roda), 2 hour lecture: Capoeira’s ritual, music, the great mestres of the past
Sat: 2 hour workout (and roda)
Sun: 2 hour workout, 2 hour lecture: Capoeira’s history, from the time of slavery to the globalization era; a tentative glimpse into the future

*Mestre Nestor does not teach or give lessons in the morning, only after 2 PM.

If you’d like mestre Nestor Capoeira to give workshops in your capoeira school or elsewhere, in Brasil or abroad, please answer the questions below and send to

– name
– address
– telephone and e-mail
– capoeira group
– your graduation (in capoeira)
– your age
– how many years you’ve played capoeira
– how many years you’ve taught abroad
– name of your first mestre
– your first mestre’s capoeira group
– your actual mestre (if he is a different one)
– your actual mestre’s capoeira group (if it is a different one)
– where the workshop will be held
– date (beginning and end)
– what sort of event is it?
a) a workshop open to whoever wants to come
b) a workshop just for your students
c) a batizado
d) another sort of event, explain in 10 lines (max)
e) do you have any sponsors?
f) are you going to charge? How much?
g) how may participants do you estimate?
h) how many classes and/or lectures you want mestre Nestor to deliver?
i) is mestre Nestor the only invited guest, or are there are other teachers or mestres invited? Who are they?

Mestre Nestor will also provide details about workshop prices, his needs for lodging, sustenance, and transportation.

*Bio: Nestor Capoeira, a man of great humor and insight, is a mestre and long-time teacher of capoeira and the author of Capoeira: Roots of the Dance-Fight-Game, which includes 100 black-and-white photos and illustrations. The Little Capoeira Book, an all-time favorite training manual, and A Street-Smart Song: Capoeira Philosophy and Inner Life. He was initiated by Mestre Leopoldina. Later he joined the Senzala Group, and in 1969 received the coveted “red rope,” Senzala’s highest graduation. In 1990 he left Sanzala and started to teach his personal approach to the Game at his own school. He has been a pioneer in teaching capoeira in Europe, and his books have been published in Brazil, France, Denmark, Germany, and the United States, among other countries. He has worked in film, theater, and television, and currently teaches at the Planetario da Gaveae in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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