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Taoist Meditation in Ba Gua and T’ai Chi, February 9-10

October 15, 2007

Water Tradition Internal Arts
Water Tradition Internal Arts

Feb 9-10, 2008 – Berkeley, Ca.

Bruce Frantzis

Taoist lineage holder Bruce Frantzis has not taught publicly in the Bay Area for nearly a decade. Don’t miss this rare chance to learn the Taoist meditation techniques of Bagua Zhang and Taiji Quan. Often considered the highest level of martial arts this workshop will cover how to incorporate elements of Taoist meditation into daily martial arts practice. This process was developed over centuries by Taoist martial artists who sought to transform their “martial arts” into “spiritual arts.”

The use of these techniques is of great value to both meditators and martial artists. For meditators, these techniques offer a chance to make the body healthy and strong while continuing to deepen their meditative practices. For martial artists, these techniques offer a way to transform their forms practice into a effective vehicle for developing spiritually without having to give up or reduce their martial practice.
Dong Hai Chuan, founder of modern Bagua Zhang claimed to have learned his art from a Taoist monk. Master Frantzis’ lineage comes directly from Liu Hung Chieh a student of one of Dong’s top disciples. Liu was also a disciple of Wu Chien Chuan who incorporated Taoist meditation into his Taiji. Liu passed both of these methods on to Mr. Frantzis. This workshop will cover the basic methodology for applying various aspects of Taoist meditation into these two arts.

Prior knowledge of Bagua and Taiji is not required. Beginners and practitioners of all styles of Bagua, Taiji and meditation are welcome to attend. Call Energy Arts at 415.454.5243 for registration or Isaac Kamins 415.720.7905 for information or email Jess O’Brien

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