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The Training Diet Features Delp’s Fitness for Full-Contact Fighters

October 16, 2007

FEATURED THIS MONTH in Tae Kwon Do Times is the article entitled The Training Diet, an informative excerpt from Blue Snake Book’s Fitness for Full-Contact Fighters, written by Christoph Delp. The article primarily discusses the importance of good nutritional intake in its relation to martial arts training and maintaining a desired body shape. The recommendations prescribed in the overview aim to instruct the reader how to train optimally, while at the same time maintain strict dietary balance and discipline. This is represented well on the first page of the featured article where Delp writes “If you consume more food than required by your body, fat deposits will develop. On the other hand, if you have deficits in your food intake, you will not develop any muscles, you will feel weak and tired, and you will be susceptible to infectious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to find the appropriate balance for the food program.” (TKDT p. 47)

The article continues to explore this idea, running from pages 47-51 in the Tae Kwon Do Times September issue. As we read on, the writer Delp breaks down a trainee’s nutritional needs into multiple categories. He investigates the importance of consuming the right mineral substances, drinking plenty of water, and knowing when and when not to eat. By the end we are left with a positive outlook on maximizing bodily health through delicate dietary practice, and are ready to put his ideas into use.

Delp’s fitness program mentioned in the article is only a microcosm of what the complete book offers. “With this guide, martial artists at all skill levels, from newcomers to those at an advanced level, vastly improve their ability to perform in training and competition.” The book synopsis featured on, advertising the read, along with additional information discussing the book’s colorful and informative photographic appeal, describes well this book’s ability to live up to its goals and potentials.

Overall, Blue Snake Books is very excited about these recent developments and sees Delp’s appearance in Tae Kwon Do Times as a wonderful achievement. We will continue to monitor the progress of Fitness for Full-Contact Fighters, and hope that it gains more exposure in the future.

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This post was written by Sam Sattin, our editorial intern. Thanks Sam!

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