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Disney’s Martial Arts Festival 2007 LIVE!

October 26, 2007

We’re here for the 1st day of Disney’s Martial Arts Festival 2007. Everyone is excited to be here.

The Blue Snake Books table is hopping. In just a short time, we’ve met lots of masters, some who have been practicing for 45 years or more. I’ve just met a man who has some knowledge of Cherokee Martial Arts, the proud parent of a Pow Wow dancer who is also a champion Yakima Nation Warrior, and Celilo Wyam Warrior.  We’ve also learned about a new fusion of resistance martial arts and karate, started by a personal trainer who developed her own form, a current champion in 4 other disciplines. In addition, we’ve discovered a Polynesian martial art called Limalama. It has thousands of dedicated students learning the art in Mexico. The practitioners of Limalama are here from Mexico City with their master. They’d like to see a book about Limalama written in Spanish.

Some competitors are in the U.S. for the very first time; We just met two competitors from Tajikistan, who are in awe of the sights and sounds here in the arena and on the mats. Swords are spinning, canes are being weilded, kids are shouting in their most aggressive voices, and various types of noise-making weapons are hitting the floor. In contrast to the intensity on the arena floor, the most popular question of the day is, “Where are the elevators?”

Everyone likes our Blue Snake t-shirts. Unfortunately, we don’t have any to offer for sale. A big thank you to Mario for screen-printing the Blue Snake!

Check back for more updates, as we report back live from Orlando.

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