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Disney’s Martial Arts Festival 2007 LIVE, Part V!

October 27, 2007

Sonie Lasker, a beautiful martial artist and personal trainer, just walked up to the table. She’s one of the most medaled women in the building, a returning champion. Yesterday, she won 1st place in 3 divisions: Traditional Weapons, Open Musical Forms, and Traditional Forms. She also placed 2nd in Open Point Sparring, and 3rd (today) in Women’s Classical Advanced and Black Belt Sparring. It’s her 1st time competing against Black Belts. We’re wishing her luck today.

 Jessica Brew, just as lovely, with a body-length ponytail, introduced herself next. She won 1st place in Wushu, and Traditional Forms yesterday, but lost by 1/100th of a point in the Tiger Claw Elite Championship in the Japanese form, Shito-Ryu, a style based on the combination of grace and power which emphasizes grace. She said they couldn’t award her 2nd place, because in the championship rounds, there can only be one champion.  She’s here with the U.S. National Karate-Do Federation, from San Diego. Her home has been spared in the fire storm.

More importantly, the concession stand has run out of french fries. There goes our healthy lunch option for the day. After standing in line for 30 minutes, and discovering the dearth of fries, Allegra returned with only a pretzel.

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