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Aiki Thoughts Responds to Black Belt Mama

December 6, 2007

Aiki Thoughts has responded with courage and reason to two different posts about bullying in schools, appearing on the blog Black Belt Mama. Aiki Thoughts says, “I applaud Black Belt Mama for writing about this issue. Talking about one’s own child in the context of a bullying situation is difficult, and she has written something that I think we all should think about. I’d like to take her post a step further and turn her final statement into a question: If your child was being bullied at school, and you could be your child for just one day, what would you really do? I think the answer to that question might reveal more about what we really value when it comes to martial arts, self-defense, and daily life.”

Aiki Thoughts is a diaristic and philosophical Aikido blog. Black Belt Mama is a humorous daily-life meets martial arts and parenting blog. Aiki Thoughts and Black Belt Mama have come to an agreement and shaken hands in Aiki’s comments.

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