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Local Media Events With Kaleo and Elise

March 11, 2008

Elise and Kaleo Ching, authors
The authors of Chi and Creativity, Elise Dirlam Ching and Kaleo Ching, will be signing books at Pegasus Books (Pegasus Downtown—at the corner of Shattuck and Durant, three blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART) in Berkeley, CA on April 2, and at Barnes and Noble in Walnut Creek, CA on April 16.

A magazine called Science of Mind has published a review of Chi and Creativity. Here’s some of the text from that review, published in January, 2008.

“Early on in Chi and Creativity, authors Elise Dirlam Ching and Kaleo Ching tell us that, “the beauty of art is that it is a form of communication.” Life is a creative process, and most of us agree that this is true whether one is a poet or a plumber, an artist or an after-school activities director. Add chi (the vital force believed in Taoism and other Chinese thought to be inherent in all things) to the creative mix, and this book becomes a wonderful tool for finding that place where “the creative process and personal growth commune.”

The authors provide a plethora of exercises and activities for cultivating chi awareness, including simple but profoundly effective chi kung movements; chi meditation techniques that include a meditation designed specifically to transform stress; and a fascinating discussion of how chi circuits relate to the chakras.

This book is different from others that purport to spark one’s creativity in that the authors are fundamentally aware of mind-body-spirit relationships. Other books take a mental approach to dealing with such dilemmas as writer’s block or a lack of artistic inspirations, but the Chings proceed with the knowledge that chi is everywhere…”

Elise Dirlam Ching and Kaleo Ching are the authors of Faces of Your Soul: Rituals in Art, Maskmaking, and Guided Imagery with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Totem Animals, and Chi and Creativity: Vital Energy and Your Inner Artist.

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