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Leadership Dojo Appears on Vogel’s Bookshelf in the Midwest Book Review

March 26, 2008

Leadership Dojo CoverThe Leadership Dojo: Build Your Foundation As An Exemplary Leader has landed on Vogel’s Bookshelf in the March 2008 edition of the Midwest Book Review.

Vogel focuses on the author Richard Strozzi-Heckler, by highlighting his experience “in counseling and training Fortune 500 executives, top-ranked military leaders, and social entrepreneurs.” He also defines somatics, the primary framework through which Strozzi-Heckler lays out his strategies, saying The Leadership Dojo “…is based on the concept of ‘somatics’ (a unity of language, action, energy, and meaning) as it applies to leadership, enabling and allowing practitioners to increase and reinforce trust, motivation, and effectiveness…”

Vogel wraps up his review by saying,

The Leadership Dojo is a thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ and instructive guide that is especially recommended to anyone entrusted with a leadership responsibility within the framework of any commercial, governmental, religious, or social organization.”

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