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Author of Walking the I Ching, Allen Pittman’s Upcoming Workshops

July 10, 2008
Walking the I Ching, by Allen Pittman

Walking the I Ching, by Allen Pittman

Workshops: Wisdom of the Body, Ba Gua Mother Palms, and Hsing-I and Combat Training

Wisdom of the body workshop

Wisdom of the body workshop


WHAT: Wisdom of the Body workshop
WHEN: August 23-24, 2008 (DATES HAVE BEEN UPDATED); 9AM-3PM
WHERE: Urban Body Studios

Urban Body Studios

It Starts With You

730 Ponce de Leon Place
(entrance and parking are located at rear of the building)
Atlanta, GA
CONTACT: Avril James, or
Allen Pittman,

DETAILS: Each class will be approx five hours a day on Saturday and Sunday.
This is Wisdom of the Body Level 1.

DESCRIPTION: Wisdom of the Body is a movement system which Allen Pittman and Victoria Slakey designed to process trauma and accelerate physical and mental transformation. It includes a walk through the history of yoga and movements which form both the core of human development and also the core of human survival and the essence of human expression. The workshop works with all levels of skills and abilities. Beginners and advanced yoga students welcome.

REGISTRATION: Prepay Avril James directly or Allen Pittman via Paypal

Workshop 2

WHAT: Ba-gua Mother Palms

DESCRIPTION: In this workshop we will look at the classical circling exercise of Ba-gua, the bodyguards art from China—and see what it is how it works and the various ways to train it to enhance balance. Along with this we will look at the first three “Changes” or body rotations on the circle which are used to throw an opponent. The archetypal meanings of these changes will be discussed as well and participants are encouraged to bring training weapons as well, particularly a club or stick. There will be mostly partner work to disclose the applications of the Changes in this workshop.

CONTACT: Dave Jones, or
Allen Pittman

REGISTRATION: Prepay Dave Jones directly or Allen Pittman via Paypal

Workshop 3

WHAT: Combat; Hsing-I and Combat training—Use of the
Staff, Axe, and Club

LOCATION AND DETAILS: TBA, approximate dates of Aug 30-31

DESCRIPTION: In this workshop we will look at combat distances with weapons and particularly the Swallow of Hsing-I which is a form for using the club or mace. We will discuss the Indian roots of some of the Chinese martial arts and will probably compare them to the work of the Hoplites (if Allen is able to bring his Hoplite equipment, large shields, etc…). If you are interested in warfare this is the workshop for you.

CONTACT: Alan Carroll or
Allen Pittman

REGISTRATION: Prepay Alan Carroll directly or Allen Pittman via Paypal

CLICK HERE to learn more about Allen Pittman
CLICK HERE to read about Allen Pittman on the Blue Snake Books Blog
CLICK HERE to order his book from Blue Snake Books
CLICK HERE to order his book from Amazon

The Wisdom of the Body© is a complete physical and psychological training sequence created by Allen Pittman and Victoria Slakey Pittman.

Allen began his training at the age of twelve. At fifteen he began studying the Nei Chia arts (or “Inner Family Arts”) of China including Ba-gua (a bodyguards art), Hsing-I (an infantry art) and Tai Chi (also a bodyguards art) with R.W. Smith. This continued as he went to Taiwan and later became a live-in student with Hung I-mien. During this time Allen also studied Chinese Boxing, and with Wu Shao-lin, a teacher from the “National Art Academy”. After returning to the U.S. Allen began teaching in Atlanta. Allen met Irish strong man and wrestler Tim Geogheagan and began to study connections between the East and West, particularly Celtic Wrestling and Indian Yoga. He cross referenced Judo, Aikido, Fencing and other kinds of mental and physical training. He is proficient in a variety of weapons and armor from the traditions of both hemispheres. At 35, while continuing to teach regular martial arts classes in these arts, he began working in physical education at the Waldorf (Middle) School of Atlanta working specifically with the ancient Greek Pentathlon concepts oriented toward ten year olds. From this he designed an expanded P.E. curriculum for ages 7-12. Allen was the bodyguard for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Moreover, he continues to travel the world training in Africa and Europe. Additionally, Victoria Slakey Pitman has her own 20 year background in Tai Chi Chuan, Sophrology, (a European modified form of Yoga Nidra) and NLP.

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  1. July 28, 2008 4:48 pm

    Here is a note from one of Allen’s students:

    Hi Folks,

    Allen has traveled all over the world trying to find the best possible physical exercise to benefit and develop the whole being, body, spirit, emotions, and psychology including disciplines that are alchemical or transformational. His Wisdom of the Body classes are designed to help folks process trauma. He also traced information about ancient women warriors and their traditions, and trained a group of women here in that, with beautiful costumes. He’s a martial arts and yoga master, and was body-guard for the Dalai Lama. He doesn’t have the macho ego of many martial arts folks, but instead a deep dedication to benefitting his students, and a sense of humor about himself and his work.

    He doesn’t use power plays than many folks in similar positions seem compelled to do. He taught physical education at the Waldorf middle/high school Academe of the Oaks here for many years… He is now based in France, so this is his first visit back in two years, and a rare opportunity. He also has a new book coming out published by North Atlantic Books, Walking the I Ching: The Linear ba Gua of Gao Yi Sheng. Just from knowing him, I can’t wait to experience his workshops.



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