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Your Martial Arts Poll

July 17, 2008


  1. What form of martial arts do you practice?
  2. Or, what forms, if you’re multi-disciplinary?
  3. Are you a mixed martial artist?
  4. What types of martial arts books would you like to see published?

Please submit your answers using the comments buttons.


Sister Tea

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  1. pstarr permalink
    July 20, 2008 5:06 pm

    1. I practice Yiliquan, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Baguazhang.

    2. see above

    3. Absolutely NOT a mixed martial arts guy…

    4. Books on more advanced principles of martial arts…forms of developing jin (power), forms practice, old traditional material…

  2. July 22, 2008 5:57 pm

    Hi Pete! Thanks for responding to our martial arts poll. We like your ideas for new books.

  3. gallimaufries permalink
    July 26, 2008 5:18 am

    1. I do capoeira!
    2. Angola & Regional Capoeira
    3. Nope
    4. (if capoeira) More on the spirituality and philosophy of the art. And books on the angola (traditional) form. Also a book with proper guidance to the various movements.

    So far only Nestor Capoeira’s books have hit the spot.

    I would also like to see more books on muay thai (though, not just how-to books).


    Hope this helps!

  4. July 28, 2008 4:31 pm

    Thanks for your ideas. They’ll help guide us!

  5. July 28, 2008 8:16 pm

    Good news! You’ll be happy to hear that we may have an upcoming comprehensive Capoeira book coming out in the Summer of 2009. The author is from Brazil, and practices traditional capoeira, although he prefers to target his book towards a universal audience, to avoid competition between rivaling schools of thought vis-a-vis Capoeira. It will include lots of hidden secrets and unknown tricks of the magical art. Although, I have a feeling he may not refer to his title as a title geared towards those who practice Angola or those who practice Regional.

  6. July 30, 2008 5:04 pm

    1. Taekwondo
    2. WTF Olympics style sparring
    3. no
    4. High performance training for martial arts, in particular taekwondo

  7. August 5, 2008 4:52 pm

    Thanks tkd-tricolore,

    We don’t have any high performance training manuals for taekwondo on any of our upcoming lists, so I’ll suggest it to our acquisitions board. Thanks for your input!

    Do you know of any good taekwondo manuals in other languages, that should be translated into English?

  8. apostolicg permalink
    August 11, 2008 8:06 pm

    1. Wushu
    2. Pak Hok Pai
    3. No
    4. I love history of the arts. There are lots, but none that I have found go any further then the begging’s of each art. I would like to see a deeper study done into the true origins of the arts and how they spread with civilization. When I read in the bible about warriors fighting 800+ men singularly with a staff over 2500 years ago and such I think there must be an even more ancient starting point in civilization from where the arts spread from.

  9. August 11, 2008 8:11 pm

    Thanks for your contribution to our martial arts poll! I’ll forward your comments to our editors.

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