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Me, Chi and Bruce Lee Giveaway Contest!

November 18, 2008

Me, Chi and Bruce Lee

Here at Blue Snake we are very excited about one of our upcoming releases, Me, Chi And Bruce Lee by journalist Brian Preston. In the book, Preston attempts to earn a black belt in less than a year, an adventure which takes him from busting a rib in a seminar with Royce Gracie to the Shaolin Temple in China and onward to Las Vegas for some UFC mayhem. It’s a hilarious book filled with embarrassing beatdowns and candid moments with martial arts legends.

We want to offer a sneak peak of the book (coming out in January 2009) to our blog readers, so we thought we would run a trivia contest. The first 20 readers to answer the following question will receive a free copy of the book. Please email your answer to We will let you know if you are a winner, and you can reply with your mailing address to receive a free copy.

In Me, Chi and Bruce Lee, Brian Preston hangs out with mixed martial arts fighter Jeff “The Snowman” Monson. Jeff Monson holds a Master’s Degree in what field?

Good luck and thanks for participating!

The contest is now closed. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Me, Chi and Bruce Lee
CLICK HERE to check out a recent review of Me, Chi and Bruce Lee

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