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The Art of Aikido

May 1, 2009

Aikido is a masterful martial arts technique that values submission and control over one’s opponent rather than inflicting damage, and it has earned the nickname of the “peaceful martial art.” In her book, Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training, author C.M. Schifflett presents a study of Aikido in a comprehensive way that is meant for teachers and students at every level of Aikido study. With over 100 illustrations and detailed techniques and exercises, this book demonstrates how to do throws, rolls, wristlocks, and even discusses verbal self-defense techniques. What really makes this book unique is the author’s use of examples from literature, real life situations, and pop culture in order to illustrate the primary, fundamental lessons of Aikido. For anyone looking to begin their study of martial arts, enhance their Aikido expertise, or explore a new martial arts discipline, Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training will make the process easy and enjoyable.

Click HERE for more information on Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training.

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