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Independently Created Karma Kula: Mystic Warrior Takes Off

June 16, 2009


Siblings and lifelong martial artists Satya, Sudhadra, and Siddha Bellord have joined forces creating a group known as the Ninjai Gang: young stuntmen by day, musicians, animators, and artists by night. They’ve dedicated the last several years of their lives to creating Karma Kula: Mystic Warrior. What’s impressive about this 10 episode, live-action martial arts adventure/mini-series is not just the fact that it’s incredibly well-done, which it is. The cinematography is brilliant. The martial arts is awesome and the tale itself is spooky and drenched in wry humor. But what makes this series truly impressive is that the team of siblings essentially undertook the project very much on their own—producing, co-directing, choreographing, and starring in the series. The passion involved in dedicating themselves to independently creating this masterpiece comes through on film. They’re gaining quite a following simply by word of mouth. It’s that good. Definitely worth taking a look at!

Here’s the first episode, complete with an epic fight scene:

And the funny, psychedelic fourth episode (part 1):

For more episodes and information, please click here.

Thanks goes out to our intern Austin Geidt for contributing to this post.

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