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The Complete Taiji Dao: The Art of the Chinese Saber Reviewed on Dojo Rat

July 16, 2009

The Complete Taiji Dao

The Complete Taiji Dao, a new addition to our weapons titles, is the definitive guide to combat and performance with the saber, one of the most popular weapons in Chinese martial arts. Despite the popularity of the Taiji Dao as a weapon, no manuals have ever been written on its use in the English language until now. Here’s some of the book review posted earlier this week on Dojo Rat:

Now here is a book that arrived on my desk at exactly the right time!
The Complete Taiji Dao: The Art of the Chinese Saber by Zhang Yun is the most complete book on swordsmanship that I have seen yet. At a hefty 429 pages, this comprehensive study of the Chinese Saber is my new study material….
In The Complete Dao, Zhang Yun provides us with his background, and then procedes to explore the history of this weapon from crude jade and bronze models to the beautiful “Yao Dao”, or slender waistcoat swords of the Royalty. As implied, there are many types of Dao, from heavy chopping cleavers to longer and narrower Dao’s such as the ones used in Taiji practice… Most Dao’s are used single-handed, but Yun also demonstrates with a beautiful double-handed model with a ring pommel. (I want one!)….
For me, this book arrived at a time when my interest in learning the Chinese sword is really growing. The book explains in great detail how Taiji principles are extended to weapon use as well as how the Taiji Dao is unique and different than conventional broadsword use. This book will stay with my collection forever.

The original article was posted Monday, July 13.

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