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Stars of Sequel to Ip Man Film Study Wing Chun

August 6, 2009

Though the Ip Man films are based on true stories in martial arts history, is looking for your fictional contributions. For a chance to win your own autographed copies of Blue Snake’s books, The Wing Chun Compendium and The Wing Chun Compendium 2 by Wayne Belonoha, a third generation direct descendant of Wing Chun master Ip Man, visit’s Martial Arts Fiction Contest page. More info on the contest is available at the bottom if this post.

Some members of the cast and crew of Ip Man 2 (Amber Chia is 2nd from right)

Sure, supermodels Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum have demonstrated their versitility as “slashies” (model/actress), but while they have mastered the catwalk and talk shows, Malaysa’s own super slashie, Amber Chia, has taken her talents beyond just her popular Chinese talk show and best-selling book, demonstrating her newly developed cat-like reflexes in the upcoming Ip Man sequel movie (tentatively titled Ip Man 2).

The film, based on Wing Chun master Ip Man’s journey as he spreads the discipline throughout Hong Kong, required Chia to learn Wing Chun, of which she has completed 10 sessions thus far.

“The first two where I had to practise stances (chat ma) were tough on my leg muscles. After class I had to take the train home. My legs felt so painful I couldn’t even walk home.

“At the fourth lesson I learnt to strike the punching bag (sa pau) with my fists. My hands really hurt. But I’m glad that I can do all that now,” Chia recalls with a look of relief.

(Quote from The Star Online).

One of Chia’s co-stars in the film, Huang Xiaoming, has also been training in Wing Chun in preparation for his part in the film as one of Ip Man’s students. Recently appointed as a UNICEF ambassador, Xiaoming is a bit of a successful renaissance man himself, as an actor in TV and film, popular Chinese pop singer, and model.

The film is set for release in 2010, with Donnie Yen continuing his role as the starring role of Ip Man.

Want to learn more about Wing Chun? Check out our books, The Wing Chun Compendium, Volumes 1 and 2, available for order from

Rules for the Martial Arts Fiction Contest(directly from the site):


THE PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED TO THE BEST WORK OF MARTIAL FICTION! Thats right, in one post we want you to tell us a mythical story and it has to be based around your school, art and limited to one forum post (so no essays).

Editors decision on the funniest, best, (if its so bad it may be a winner for effort).

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