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Martial Arts and Every Day Life

August 13, 2009

In her book Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training, author C. M. Shifflett discusses how her practice of playing the piano and training in Aikido often weave in support of each other.

“To succeed at making music at the piano requires the coordinated involvement of my whole being. Ears, eyes, fingers and feet (and every part they are attached to), heart reason and soul. All the parts must work together in time, the present, past, and future seamlessly interwoven,” she writes.

Shifflett shares how ideas introduced to her from Aikido helped her overcome stage fright when it came time to perform what she had learned on piano. Using the process of “Keeping One-Point” from Ki Aikido,  she focused her mental attention at her physical center balance in her lower abdomen, helping her to remain composed and coordinated as she performed in front of an audience.

How has training in martial arts influenced other aspects of your life? Please share in the comments below.

For more on C.M. Shifflett and her book, Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training, see the official Blue Snake website.


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