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Quiz: Do You Know Your Capoeira?

August 14, 2009

In his book, Capoeira Beyond Brazil, Aniefre Essien explores the history of the practice of Capoeira from the slums of Rio de Janeiro to the world stage. A three-time gold medal winner at the Copa das Americas, Essien has studied with great masters of coapoeira, including Mestres Russo, Nenel, and Joao Pequeno. He has taught capoeira to at-risk youth in Oakland, CA since 1998.

Test your knowledge of Capoeira, with questions based on Essien’s book, and post your results below. (Answers provided at the bottom of this post)

Capoeira Quiz!

For more on Aniefre Essien and his book, Capoeira Beyond Brazil, please visit

(answers: 1 – African slaves; 2 – the circle; 3 – true; 4 – creating a situation that regularly puts your opponents at your mercy; 5 – 1970’s; 6 – drum; 7 – a novice player; 8 – false; 9 – false; 10 – a set of instruments)

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