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Reflections on 9/11

September 11, 2009
wing chun compendium

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Today we, each in our own way, remember the tragic events of 9/11. Inevitably this will bring up feelings of sadness and regret, but hopefully it will also call to mind the acts of heroism that occurred and the humanitarianism those tragic events have inspired. At times like these, it is important find balance between our two polarities of emotion. Perhaps recalling the Chinese and Martial Arts philosophy of yin and yang could be helpful for any who are struggling to find this balance.

In the Wing Chun Compendium, Volume 2 Wayne Belonoha describes the philosophy of yin and yang as well as several other calming philosophies that might help us to find a balanced perspective, such as Zen and the philosophy of uncertainty. Belonoha explain:

Without black there can be no white, and without white there can be no black. Each cannot live without the other, and there is no such thing as pure white or pure black… When there is too much black, the universe will gravitate toward balance and will introduce white. The universe is always trying to find the middle way, or centerline. It dictates that intuition must be balanced with reason, patience and progressiveness, kindness with intelligence, hardness with softness… By balancing both white and black, and being able to change in time with the changes going on around you, you will find harmony with your environment.

— Wayne Belonoha, Wing Chun Compendium, Volume 2

While you navigate through today, and any day in which you are faced with challenges, hopefully the ancient wisdom contained in these Martial Arts philosophies can be one of tools with which you balance your range of emotions and experiences.

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