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New! Weekly Monday Meditations from Walking the I Ching

September 28, 2009

The sun is still warm but the cool breezes dusting the streets of Berkeley near our office remind us that Autumn has begun, and while we kiss summer goodbye and dust off our jackets, I can’t help but notice that so many people around me seem rather deflated with the end of the vacation season. While the bikinis and board shorts may go back in the storage bin, the calm and freedom that comes with the thoughts residing on warm sands by the ocean don’t have to be sacrificed for the itch of woolly sweaters and crunch of falling leaves.

In his book, Walking the I Ching, Allen Pittman focuses on the many “Houses” of Ba Gua, an internal Chinese martial art that focuses on a “circular” walking technique that helps train the mind and body to recognize and accept change. As we navigate through the fall months in anticipation of winter, we will feature an excerpt meditation  every Monday from each house of Ba Gua featured in Pittman’s book, including Water, Light, Mountain, Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Lake – each as easy and calming as a warm summer breeze.

From the House of Water:

“As a meditation, visualize rolling waves on the ocean for an extended length of time. This meditation is one of the most primal techniques in the meditation tradition and is found particularly in Yoga Nidra. This meditation is a form of self-hypnosis that temporarily removes the sense of identity and is extremely effective in producing a deeply relaxed state. The contrast between this meditation and waking consciousness provides a mental platform for “right thought” (thought coming from objective awareness), which is one of the eight spokes of Buddha’s Eightfold Path.”

Ocean Waves c/o Wikipedia Commons

Ocean Waves image provided by Wikipedia Commons

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