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Today’s Quiz: Are You a Weapons Master?

September 30, 2009

Have you ever trained in martial arts with a weapon? Do you consider yourself a master in all things related to martial arts weaponry, or do you collect your own artifacts from Chinese combat weaponry? Test your knowledge of Chinese martial arts weaponry with these 5 questions we’ve created based on the books below and see if you truly are the master! Click on the link below:

Are You a Weapons Master?

Today’s quiz was created with facts taken from three of our books on weaponry in Chinese Martial Arts. Here at Blue Snake books, we make a point of offering books that cover unique material, and these three books provide great examples of how we have strived to reach this goal. From never-before-published texts on Chinese military training practices to accessable step-by-step guides to learning the many uses of the three-section-staff, these books all illustrate how much we can continue to learn from and about martial arts.

In The Classical Three-Section Staff, expert Rick Wing breaks down the complex wheeling maneuvers associated with the three-section staff into easily understood, step-by step instructions, and some 500 photographs carefully depict front and back views of techniques. The book shows multiple applications of the three-section staff, demonstrating the versatility of the weapon, with a “learn at your own pace” approach.

Building upon a new translation of Huang Bo Nien’s Xingyi Fist and Weapon Instruction, the first manual to systematically adapt a traditional Chinese martial art for modern military training, The Xingyi Quan of the Chinese Army expands and illustrates Huang’s instructions with xingyi training drills and combat applications taught to select units of the Chinese army prior to and during World War II.  Based on actual training methodology from the Central Military Academy at Nanjing taught to the author by Colonel Chang Xiang Wu, this books also includes theory sections and background material from the Chinese army training for empty-hand and two-handed saber—material never before published in any book on xingyi.

The Complete Taiji Dao introduces the principles and practice of Taiji Dao, a set of skills for using the dao, derived from the popular martial art Taijiquan. The book covers the history and features of the dao, providing illustrated discussions  and photographs of Chinese swords and masters weilding them throughout history. With descriptions of the Taiji principles from which Taiji Dao practice derives, the basic skills and techniques of the art, and detailed descriptions and photographs of the traditional Taiji Dao form, The Complete Taiji Dao represents a significant contribution to the field of traditional Chinese weapons practice.

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