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Monday Meditation: Look to the Light

October 5, 2009

As I made the three-hour drive to Blue Snake’s Berkeley office this morning from Chico, CA after a weekend getaway, I had the pleasure of watching the sun rise. It’s a moment in the day only few people get to enjoy; while some are still fast asleep in bed, others are busy preparing for their days or reading the morning paper; getting the kids off to school or already focusing on work. As something that happens daily, it can be easy to take the beauty of a sunrise for granted, and yet, when we do take the time to sit and watch it rise, it’s usually then that we realize its breathtaking view.

Today’s meditation from Walking the I Ching by Allen Pittman focuses on the “House of Light” in Ba Gua, calling on the sunrise for inspiration.  The practice of Ba Gua is internal Chinese martial art that focuses on a “circular” walking technique that helps train the mind and body to recognize and accept change. As we navigate through the fall months in anticipation of winter, we will feature an excerpt meditation  every Monday from each house of Ba Gua featured in Pittman’s book, including Water, Light, Mountain, Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Lake – each as easy, calming, and sometimes even as beautiful as a morning sunrise.

From the House of Light:

“My yoga teacher once recommended forty days of watching the sunrise to cure depression for the rest of one’s life. Sun gazing is also a traditional meditation in many cultures and should be done with caution (not too much at once). Begin by looking into the east before the sunrise and watch the sun come up. Later, your gaze can be sustained after sunrise. The practice can be done sitting or standing (even martial art stances can be utilized). A safe breath ratio is: inhale 7 seconds – hold 1 second – exhale 7 seconds. Begin with 12 breaths and increase each day.”

Sunrise Image provided by Wikimedia Commons

Sunrise Image provided by Wikimedia Commons

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