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Using Reason This Season: Gift Ideas to Inspire Kids to Aspire

December 10, 2009

Yesterday, a poll was released asking parents what lengths they would be willing to go to secure the perfect gift for their children this holiday season. Though the number seems low at first glance, it still surprised me that 6% of parents polled said they would be willing to knock over another person to grab the toy most-coveted by their children. When I hear stories like this, or the story of someone actually getting trampled and hurt/killed during the holiday gift rush, it makes me wonder what kind of self-control and life lessons these people are teaching there children. Is it OK to go to extremes if it means putting a smile on the face of your child Christmas morning? What makes any toy so valuable that a parent would lose sleep over it? And more importantly, what does this kind of attitude and behavior teach children?

While holiday gifts don’t have to be educational or contribute to building personal ethics/morals/etc, one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child is something that is both fun and character-building. Martial arts classes can be a great gift to your children; they learn personal discipline, build strength and overall fitness, and gain confidence as they progress. There’s a couple bonuses for parents, too; you’ll never find yourself standing outside of the doors of a dojo at 4 am, elbow-to-elbow with other parents, waiting to do a hundred-meter dash to the ideal gift, and this time of year, many local martial arts centers offer specials and discounts for the new year. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds and/or work on your own fitness, an even better gift would be signing up together with your child. You’ll save yourself money on a gym membership, have quality time built into both yours and your child’s schedule, and have fun as you watch yourself transform.

Because there’s nothing quite like tearing the wrapping paper off of a gift and revealing the surprise, a great way to still give your kid something tangible Christmas morning is to pre-purchase something related to the martial art you’ve chosen. Wrap a ghi in your child’s size, and when he or she tears through the paper, you can reveal that it is more than just something to wear when playing “ninjas” in the backyard.

Our book, The Kids’ Karate Workbook by Didi Goodman will also make a fun and thoughtful gift this holiday season. Filled with puzzles and games to help young karate students learn the principles and training practices of the art, hails Goodman’s guide as “an exceptional choice” for a gift for young martial artists. (Read the full, glowing review here.)

What’s better, to make things really easy, you can order it online here. No lines, no hastle, and no headaches necessary. Order your copy today!

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