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March Event Roundup: Cherry Blossom Festival is on the way!

March 2, 2010

Image provided by Wikimedia CommonsThe 43rd annual Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival will have its Press Preview Day in conjunction with the Asian American Film Festival kick-off in the Japantown Peace Plaza on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 12 noon. A day-long, outdoor fair, fun for the whole family—all in the heart of Japantown—during SFIAAFF!! Enjoy live musical performances, film screenings and interactive art projects from celebrated Asian American performers and artists!

One of the most beautiful and exciting traditions in Japanese culture is on its way to San Francisco’s Japan town, The Cherry Blossom Festival.  In preparation for this extravagant event there will be a press preview of all the fun that will come along with the Festival in 2010.  This media coverage will take place on Saturday March 13th from 12:00 noon till 12:20 to describe what will be happening this year.  They will be talking about what to expect this year with tea ceremonies, martial arts, taiko drumming, traditional dance, and to top it off  the parade.

In addition to the media attention of the festival itself, the 150 year anniversary Kanrin Maru committee will be dedicating this honor of having this festival for 150 years by dedicating two cherry blossom trees to the festival.  This will be happening at 11:45 a.m. during the media preview, on Post Street in front of the Peace Plaza.

For more information on the media preview or the Cherry Blossom Festival itself go to

More Martial Arts Events Coming Up in the Bay Area:

March 2010

2nd Annual California State Championships
3/13, Saturday
Bay Area Sport Karate Association
Merritt College
Oakland CA

More Details:

“This Event Will Officially Determine The California State Champions For Open Martial Arts Tournaments In The State Of California for 2010.”


Mother-Daughter Self-Defense Class Auctioned in Oakland Tech High School Fundraiser
3/13, Saturday 6 pm
T. Gary Rogers Rowing Center
2999 Glascock Street, Oakland (on the Oakland Estuary)

More Details:

“Mothers and daughters: Are you interested in an introduction to self-defense, or a chance to brush up on your skills? Redwood Dojo ( will be offering a group Mother-Daughter Self Defense class for auction at the Oakland Tech High School fundraiser on March 13. (The class itself is scheduled for June 13.) If you’re a member of the Oakland Tech community–or simply want to support the school through this annual event–plan to attend and bid for a spot in the class. Buy your tickets online or by mail by Feb. 28th for the best price.”


2010 Santa Cruz Open Taekwon Do Champianships
Saturday 3/6/10
Pajaro Valley High School
500 Harkins Slough Rd.  Watsonville, CA

More Details:

Tae Kwon Do participants of all ages, sex and rank, who have trained in and understand Tae Kwon Do competition on rules. – march

Cherry Blossom Festival Press Preview Performance by Taiko Dojo
3/13/10, Saturday
Peace Plaza San Francisco, CA Japantown

More Details:

San Francisco Taiko Dojo is composed of approximately 200 students ranging from age 4 to 60+, of varying professions, backgrounds, ethnicities, and skill levels. Grand Master Tanaka opens Taiko to all, believing that, “It’s very important that Taiko not be exclusive.”

Kato Sensei in SF!
3/12-15/10, Friday-Monday
Suginami Aikikai
141 11th st. San Francisco, CA 94103

More Details:

Kato Hiroshi Shihan will be visiting SF, don’t miss this chance to train with one of the worlds most senior Aikido masters.


Opening to Emptiness: Exploring the Heart Sutra
3/19-21/10,  Friday-Sunday The San Francisco Buddhist Center
37 Barlett st. San Francisco, CA 94110

More Details:

The Heart Sutra condenses the teachings of the whole of the Buddhist tradition—then smashes it to bits. It takes everything away, everything we know, or everything we think we know, so all that is left is shunyata—boundlessness, openness, emptiness—the absolutely untractable and wordless freedom of reality directly experienced.

Boundary Setting and Bystander Intervention Workshop
3/6/2010, Wednesday
1724 Mandela Parkway Suite #1 Oakland CA 94607

More Details:

“A part of me blossomed during the course of this class. I feel like a strong woman, ready to take on the world both emotionally and physically.” Dominique (age 18)

Copoeira Mandinga Womens Event: A Dança da Guerreira
3/26/10 Friday
Copoeira Mandinga 4137 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611

More Details:

Please join us for a series of workshops, dance performances, and bate papo, celebrating the accomplishments of the strong, persistent, and passionate women in Capoeira.

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