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From the Authors’ Blogs: Mat Gratitude, Wimpy Kiais, & Tai Chi Disco Dancing

March 8, 2010

Many of our authors maintain blogs and websites (see our blogroll on the right for a complete rundown!). Here are just a few clips of our favorite recent posts, straight from the authors’ pages:

From the post “Gateway to Gratitude” by The Gift of Danger:Lessons from Aikido author, Mary Stein

“It’s normal in aikido practice to take turns, doing a technique four times as nage, the defender, then four times as uke. But on the test the uke takes all the falls as the person testi–meaning that Jack offers his body to be thrown around for half an hour at a time.  That’s a generous gift, for though aikido is a nonviolent art, it’s still plenty strenuous.  Jack recently completed two demanding years as the dojo’s live-in student, and  he could choose to take a vacation from the demands of being uke for me and several other people.  But he doesn’t do that. After practice, he’s saying, “I can stay longer if you can.” (read more here)

Visit Mary’s official website:


From the post “Kiai and Kihap for Kids and Teens (and adults?)” by The Kids’ Karate Workbook author, Didi Goodman

“Instructors, you know what I am talking about. Kids, you probably know, too. Every class has some students who are too shy or self-conscious to make a loud noise. When called upon to kiai, they let out a thin little squeak that sounds more like a sigh of surrender than the spirited shout of a warrior. And as a teacher, it sometimes makes me want to sigh in surrender. I’ve done everything I can think of to get a shout out of these kids (and sometimes, adults), and there it is again: the incredibly wimpy kiai.” (read more here)

Follow Didi on Twitter here:


And finally, Tai Chi: Health for Life author Bruce Frantzis shows readers how to loosen up with traditional…and not-so-traditional movements of tai chi in his classic video, “Tai Chi Disco Dance.” (read more here)

Visit Bruce’s official website:

Follow Bruce on Twitter here:

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