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Upcoming Bay Area Event: Knife Fighting Seminar with Grandmaster Max Pallen

July 16, 2010

Baraw Senkotiros: Knife Fighting Seminar with Grandmaster Max Pallen

Senkotiros, a Filipino fighting art, teaches a minimum amount of offensive and defensive tactics that can be employed in the most ways possible. This reduces the elements that could cloud one’s ability to react in a spontaneous manner; especially if one is actually engaged in a realistic altercation against another person wielding a similar weapon. Senkotiros basically reduces the art of stick fighting to its lowest common denominator. This one-day workshop with Grandmaster Max Pallen provides a complete introduction to the art and to the realities of knife fighting.

Sun, Jul 25, 8am-4pm

Suigetsukan Dojo — 103 International Blvd (@1st Ave)

Oakland, CA, 94606
$80 (cash only, please pay at the door)

To register: Contact Greg LeBlanc at (510) 593-0165 or

Please show up at 7:30am to pay and warm-up. Bring lunch.

More information about Senkotiros at

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