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Renew Your Chi in the Year of the Dragon

January 23, 2012

“Chi is the life-force energy that keeps each of us alive and connected to one another and to all other living beings. Chi is the life force in the universe, holistically connecting everything together as one whole” – Bruce Frantzis, The Chi Revolution.

Regardless of your age or health condition, you can reclaim your health in the Year of the Dragon by awakening your chi to develop longevity and vitality. The way you sit and stand heavily influences the way your chi flows throughout your body. You might be hunched over your computer right now as you read this, which also blocks your chi from flowing freely.

Start with these six fundamental principles for chi scanning from Bruce Frantzis to improve your posture:

  1. Your feet are parallel, shoulder’s width apart
  2. Your weight is evenly balanced on both feet
  3. No joints are locked; your knees are slightly bent
  4. Your muscles are relaxed, not clenched, particularly the jaw, stomach, and buttocks muscles
  5. Your shoulders are relaxed and down
  6. Your lower back is straight, perpendicular to the ground, with your head neither tilted forward nor backward.

Don’t worry if these steps don’t come to you naturally. Scan your body for tension points and quickly feel the difference.

Revolution is generally considered something external, explosive. In this book, Bruce Frantzis, renowned chi master and author, challenges readers to embark on an inner revolution to reclaim joy and happiness in life, reverse the effects of aging and release their stress and negative emotions.
Instead of the “no pain, no gain,” mantra of our over-caffeinated, stressed out culture, Frantzis gives readers energetic fitness exercises that comprise the unique Chi Rev Workout™. These transformative exercises teach readers to activate and strengthen their chi and to relax their nervous systems. “The more you relax, the more health, stamina and strength you will have,” says Frantzis.

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