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Blue Snake Books’ mission is clear and focused—to publish the finest martial arts books in the world. Launched in 2006, this imprint of the Berkeley, California-based North Atlantic Books drew on the over twenty-five years of experience publishing over a hundred martial arts titles. Now publishing on all martial arts forms and for all skill levels on topics ranging from the internal martial arts to health-related exercises, and from popular fighting and self-defense techniques to classical texts, Blue Snake Books has already begun fulfilling its mission.

The Blue Snake Books blog is part of the NAB Communities—interactive, genre-specific spaces for readers to discuss books and timely topics with one another and with authors—for anyone looking for credible information and direct access to thought-leaders in North Atlantic Books’ key subject areas:

* NOURISH: Raw Foods, Healthy Eating and Nutrition, All-Natural Recipes

* WISDOM: New Consciousness, Spirituality, Self-Improvement

* WELLNESS: Holistic Health, Bodywork, Healing Therapies

* CULTURE: Literary Arts, Social Sciences, Lifestyle

* BLUE SNAKE: Martial Arts

Each community has a dedicated blog, featuring exclusive excerpts and quotes, author interviews, polls and quizzes, quick facts, literary roundups, giveaways, and event listings; a social network forum where users can interact with authors and other like-minded individuals; and digest-style email newsletter subscriptions that allow users to keep up with what’s happening in their favorite communities. The network also hosts the NAB Communities podcast, featuring audio interviews with popular authors from each community.

Why join us?

NAB Communities is ultimately powered by you—the user. We believe in fostering discussion online and in our local communities in this time of global transformation. Change begins on the individual level. We sincerely hope that you’ll join the discussion and spread the word about NAB one community at a time!

~The NAB Communities Team



Are you interested in contributing a unique article to the NAB Communities? CLICK HERE for our submission guidelines.

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  1. March 29, 2009 5:34 am

    I love your site. Keep it up !

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