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Visayan Eskrima Guild Presents Filipino Martial Arts Workshop

May 8, 2013

The Visayan Eskrima Guild

Saturday, June 1 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM the Visayan Eskrima Guild will put on a Filipino martial arts workshop in Tracy, CA.

Come discover the highly effective tactical principles embedded within the Philippine martial arts of Cabales Serrada Escrima and Visayan Style Corto Kadena/Larga Mano Eskrima. Grandmast Wade Williams, 2012 U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year and Maestro George Yore, Author of Sonny Umpad’s Eskrima: The Life and Teachings of A Filipino Martial Arts Master, are pleased to anchor a brotherhood of The Guild event.

Williams Martial Arts Academy
1611 W Durham Ferry Rd
Tracy, CA 95304

$40.00 per person (cash only). On-site registration from 9:15 – 9:55 AM.

For questions, please contact Grandmaster Wade Williams at Any policy announcements, additional information, or cancellation notices related to this seminar will be posted on the Seminar Schedule of the Guild’s website:

Bruce Lee’s Most Controversial Fight Set For Film Adaption

March 22, 2013
Bruce Lee

Yahoo News reported recently that a film based on Bruce Lee’s legendary fight against Chinese kung fu master Wong Jack Man is in the works, tentatively titled “Birth of the Dragon.” This fight, which took place in Oakland, California in 1965, helped Lee obtain his status as a legendary martial artist. There were very few spectators at the original event, and there is still heavy debate about what exactly went on inside the gym:

Groundswell CEO Michael London told Yahoo! Sports on Tuesday that the process of developing a screenplay has just begun.

It is not, however, designed to be a biography of Lee, who died in 1973, or the definitive account of the fight.

“We’re actually not trying to re-tell the story of Bruce Lee,” London said. “I think that’s a natural impression people might get. The idea, actually, is to take that battle, which has been so mysterious and so powerful and so interesting to so many, and tell the lead-up to that story, which is Wong Jack Man’s arrival in San Francisco.”

“We’ve created a back story. There is [sic] a lot people that know about why Wong Jack Man came to San Francisco, but we’re trying to create a dramatically satisfying story about why he’s there. So we’re taking license. That’s why we say it’s going to be inspired by that fight and isn’t a literal telling of it.”

London said the writers — Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele — have the belief that Jack Man was trying to help Lee to become the best version of himself and was trying to teach Lee lessons…

London said no timetable is set to begin filming. He said “if we’re lucky, we’ll make the movie next year.”

Though the film promises an entertaining spectacle in its fictionalized account of the pivotal fight and its lead-up, it will arguably leave Lee fans hungry for a more historically accurate representation of the events. To many, this fight is especially noteworthy as it allegedly helped cultivate Lee’s views on Jeet Kune Do, a popular form of mixed martial arts practiced today.

Those interesthe dragon and the tigerted in the events of Bruce Lee’s life leading up to this historic fight should check out The Dragon and the Tiger: The Birth of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do by Greglon Lee and Sid Campbell. Greglon Lee’s father, martial artist James Lee, formed the Jun Fan Gung-fu Institute in conjunction with Bruce Lee in 1962, which is now considered the birthplace of Jeet Kune Do. James Lee’s relationship with Bruce Lee was fundamental in his development into the legend he became. The authors conducted extensive interviews with Bruce Lee’s students and contemporaries, and compiled these with stories pulled from rare documents in order to present a full, captivating picture of his life as a young man. The authors also shed light on Bruce Lee’s life between the years 1962 and 1965, the period directly preceding his fight with Wong Jack Man, which very few had previously chronicled.

If you are more intrigued by Wong Jack Man and his influence, you can explore the work of author Rick Wing, who studied under Man to hone his skills in Northern Shaolin, a form of martial arts originating from Northern China. Blue Snake Books features two titles from Wing: Fu Zhen Song’s Dragon Bagua Zhang, a step-by-step guide for learning this challenging form of martial arts, as well as The Classical Three-Section Staff, an easily understood handbook for mastering the wheeling maneuvers associated with this traditional Chinese weapon.

Can’t get your fill of Bruce Lee? You can also check out Me, Chi, and Bruce Lee, in which author Brian Preston sets out to earn a black belt and answers the question: “why have Eastern martial arts become so popular www.northatlanticbooks.comworldwide?” Those interested in a comprehensive account of Bruce Lee’s martial arts and movies should pick up Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit by Bruce Thomas, the only independent biography of the legendary fighter. Starting up where Fighting Spirit leaves off is Thomas’s Bruce Lee: Fighting Words. This book features collections of short essays, interviews, and anecdotes, and uniquely showcases two sides of Bruce Lee: the martial arts superstar, as well as the unfulfilled philosopher.

Capoeira Then and Now, As Told By SF School-Founder Mestranda Cigarra

January 25, 2013


While chronicling the rise and spread of capoeira from Brazil to the sunny Mission District of San Francisco this week, The SF Bay Guardian did a fantastic job of contextualizing and highlighting women’s increasingly important role in the movement by featuring Márcia Treidler—a.k.a. Mestranda Cigarra—founder of Abadá Capoeira’s SF chapter:

Treidler, who is now one of two of the highest ranking females in her school Abadá’s 41,000-member international organization, started practicing 31 years ago in Rio de Janeiro. She lived in Botafogo, a middle class beachfront neighborhood. At the time, capoeira still wasn’t considered respectable — and certainly not an obvious choice for an ambitious young woman. After becoming entranced by the sport at a school performance, the current Mestranda had to work on her mother for a year before she would agree to finance her classes.

“Women in capoeira was not popular at all,” Treidler says. “[My mother] was like ‘are you crazy? What are you thinking?'” Treidler had been active in sports — swimming and gymnastics — since she was six, but her mother insisted on observing capoeira classes before she’d agree to let her high school age daughter enroll.

“The [sport’s] reputation was really bad at the time,” Treidler remembers. “But when I first started, I never stopped.”

Read the full article here.

Holiday Gift Guide for Ninja Nuts!

December 18, 2012

Have yourself a stealthy little Christmas, Hanukkah, or Solstice this holiday season with gifts for your favorite ninja enthusiast. From games like Fruit Ninja to translations of ancient ninja scrolls, there’s something for everyone from casual fans to hardcore ninja-philes!

Ninja gift guide

1) The Secret Traditions of the Shinobi: Hattori Hanzo’s Shinobi Hiden and Other Ninja Scrolls by Antony Cummins & Yoshi Minami

Translated into English for the very first time, this widely sought-after collection of historical documents brings to light the secret practices, techniques, philosophies, and lifestyles of the shinobi.

2) Me, Chi, and Bruce Lee: Adventures in Martial Arts by Brian Preston

What happens when a self-styled wuss sets out to earn a black belt? Author Brian Preston’s trek takes him from a kung fu school in his hometown of Victoria, Canada, to the storied Shaolin Temple in China, back to Canada to meet Brazilian Jujitsu legend Royce Gracie, and on to Vegas and the thrills of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

3) Fruit Ninja Card Game

The Fruit Ninja card game from Mattell is based on the bestselling digital app, Fruit Ninja, offering a battery-free way for your young ones to play. Cut the deck of fruit cards and collect the most fruit to win!

4) Ninja Star Wall-Mounted Coat Hook

he Ninja uses his Katana to do everything from butter his bread to separate his laundry (lights from darks). He uses his hand claws to hold corn and peel potatoes. And, he uses his throwing stars for coat hooks.

5) Ninja Blender

The Ninja Professional Blender gives you a professional, hassle-free blender with outstanding performance and a sleek design. Green smoothies ahoy!

6) Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition

An enhanced re-release of 2011’s high-def Mortal Kombat game for X Box or PS3.

7) Ninja Kids Costume

Night Camo Muscle Ninja Kids Costume includes a black and charcoal fabric hood. This Ninja Child Costume is available in child sizes Small (4-6), Medium (7-8) and Large (10-12).

Real Ninja Secrets Recently Uncovered

December 4, 2012

From Enter the Dragon to Kill Bill, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Naruto, and Mortal Kombat to Onimusha, the ninja figure has thoroughly cemented itself in 20 and 21st-century pop culture. Countless numbers of children dress up as ninjas for Halloween every year, and it’s not uncommon to run into products like the Ninja blender at the grocery store.

After decades of representation in film, television, video games, product branding and even rap music (I’m looking at you, Wu-Tang), portrayal of the ninja has ranged far and wide. These days, they’re mostly out of the shadows, pursuing vengeance or set on a tournament-style warpath for glory. The historic shinobi agent—defined by his stealth, cunning, and undying allegiance to the kingdom—has been transformed.

Seeking to take contemporary ninja-obsession back to its roots, explorer–historian Antony Cummins has uncovered a wealth of fresh ninja secrets with three never-before-translated ninja scrolls from ancient Japan.

Published together in his new book, The Secret Traditions of the Shinobi, the scrolls shed new light on the secret practices, techniques, and lifestyles of real ninjas. In the book, fire carrying, throwing torches, floating bridges, sleeping powders, floor tacks, basket elevators, and more are explained in full detail alongside esoteric mantras and other ninjutsu training philosophies. Dating back to the twelfth century—making it the oldest collection of written ninjutsu information in the world—one of the scrolls offers a hundred ninja poems, and another, the Shinobi Hiden, is widely attributed to one of the most famous ninjas of all time, Hattori Hanzo.

In the book, shinobi agents are of the utmost inconspicuousness in terms of appearance and lifestyle. They are never recognized because of their many disguises, embodying the lives of those they impersonate. Some of their best include monkey trainers, sake merchants, craftsman, and medicine peddlers. Because of their unwavering commitment to each unique mission, ninjas never carry anything of distinct value that could trace back to their lords or families. They are instructed that, “Those who go on shinobi missions should sacrifice their lives, attach importance to honor, value honor above life, be loyal to their lord, and throw themselves away for loyalty.”

Their lives are put on the line for whomever they serve, and no evidence is to ever be revealed about their allies and allegiances. Concealment in all aspects is vital, and during night attacks, masks are worn to not only shroud appearances, but to decipher allies from enemy troops. This book tames some of the more fantastical misconceptions of ninjas portrayed in modern culture, and reveals in their stead a vast amount of real-life secrets that add to the mysterious allure of the long-revered shinobi.

(Featured Image: By Sidharta-999 (done by a friend) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

MMA Should Be Called MMS

May 10, 2012

What do you think about what Sifu Scott Jensen has to say? Should Mixed Martial Arts be called Mixed Martial Sports?

Renew Your Chi in the Year of the Dragon

January 23, 2012

“Chi is the life-force energy that keeps each of us alive and connected to one another and to all other living beings. Chi is the life force in the universe, holistically connecting everything together as one whole” – Bruce Frantzis, The Chi Revolution.

Regardless of your age or health condition, you can reclaim your health in the Year of the Dragon by awakening your chi to develop longevity and vitality. The way you sit and stand heavily influences the way your chi flows throughout your body. You might be hunched over your computer right now as you read this, which also blocks your chi from flowing freely.

Start with these six fundamental principles for chi scanning from Bruce Frantzis to improve your posture:

  1. Your feet are parallel, shoulder’s width apart
  2. Your weight is evenly balanced on both feet
  3. No joints are locked; your knees are slightly bent
  4. Your muscles are relaxed, not clenched, particularly the jaw, stomach, and buttocks muscles
  5. Your shoulders are relaxed and down
  6. Your lower back is straight, perpendicular to the ground, with your head neither tilted forward nor backward.

Don’t worry if these steps don’t come to you naturally. Scan your body for tension points and quickly feel the difference.

Revolution is generally considered something external, explosive. In this book, Bruce Frantzis, renowned chi master and author, challenges readers to embark on an inner revolution to reclaim joy and happiness in life, reverse the effects of aging and release their stress and negative emotions.
Instead of the “no pain, no gain,” mantra of our over-caffeinated, stressed out culture, Frantzis gives readers energetic fitness exercises that comprise the unique Chi Rev Workout™. These transformative exercises teach readers to activate and strengthen their chi and to relax their nervous systems. “The more you relax, the more health, stamina and strength you will have,” says Frantzis.