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Mid-week Mediation: Chi Gong Visualization

September 9, 2009

This week, we’ve heard a lot of people mention feeling sluggish or overloaded with work they put off after an exciting holiday weekend. A great way to beat the back-to-work blues is to find calm in meditation. If you’re feeling like you’re dragging along with a chip on your shoulder, here’s a mid-week meditation method, from Chi Gong, The Ancient Chinese Way to Health by Paul Dong and Aristide H. Esser that should help reawaken your senses, and help you to perform better throughout the day.

“Imagine a scene spread out before yourself, such as a glowing sunrise, a shining moon, clouds in an azure sky, green hills and beautiful waters, a vast sea, or fresh flowers and other plants. With the mind on these scenes, the concentration is focused and the mental state will be calm.”


Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Health bridges the divide between Chinese and Western science, systems of health care, and spiritual practice. With proven, step-by-step exercises, chi gong instructor Paul Dong and psychiatrist Aristide Esser show how to perform basic and advanced chi gong exercises; increase vitality by maintaining the balance of bodily energies; prevent and cure ulcers, hypertension, heart disease, and other ailments; and achieve a relaxed and therapeutic meditative state, promoting health and longevity. The authors encourage practitioners to augment and strengthen their martial and spiritual disciplines, but also to develop external energy for the benefit of others.

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